T16 Set Bonus Preliminary Numbers

NOTE: This post is based on an early 5.4 PTR beta build and is no longer accurate. For more accurate T16 tier reccomendations refer to my 5.4 Rogue Changes Guide or better yet ShadowCraft.

EP values:
rogue_t16_2pc: 2371.02065764
rogue_t14_4pc: 1372.78364142
rogue_t14_2pc: 1275.36776515
rogue_t15_4pc: 1157.22264496
rogue_t15_2pc: 1092.96706466
rogue_t16_4pc: 824.259103861

2pc increases the value of crit somewhat but it still appears behind haste and mastery in value.

EP values:
rogue_t15_4pc: 12320.4374204
rogue_t14_4pc: 3981.49858166
rogue_t16_4pc: 3101.64232339
rogue_t16_2pc: 2675.25472102
rogue_t14_2pc: 2018.03341729
rogue_t15_2pc: 587.470142326

Set bonus appears to have no impact on EP values.

EP values:
rogue_t16_4pc: 3283.34767133
rogue_t16_2pc: 2058.4989398
rogue_t14_4pc: 1641.12408562
rogue_t14_2pc: 1294.2878496
rogue_t15_4pc: 1272.20775143
rogue_t15_2pc: 741.014913495

UPDATE: Looks like I misinterpreted the combat 2pc, it doesn’t change the value that much but updated.
UPDATE 2: Added subtlety numbers, better modeling of some set set bonuses and bug fixes.
UPDATE 3: Updated numbers based on testing. Fixed a bug in combat 2pc and assassination 4pc that was substantially undervaluing both.
UPDATE 4: Sorry for the delay, trying to reconcile some differences between my numbers and Pins’ numbers. Updated to account for the latest PTR build. Also fixed a bug that was doubling the value of assassination 4pc. Also removing the assumptions because at this point the behavior of these bonuses has been pretty well tested.
Big Changes:
1) Combat 2pc is about 1000EP better.
2) Assassination 2pc is about 2000EP worse and no longer makes crit the best stat.
3) Sub 2pc is about 1000EP worse.
4) Sub 4pc is baout 4000EP worse.


9 thoughts on “T16 Set Bonus Preliminary Numbers

  1. Seems like mandatory to have deep insight up before Killing Spree if you have T16 4pc. Don’t we have enough ramp up already?

  2. There are a number of mechanics issues regarding the bonuses that I feel we’re still unclear on (I’ve summarized the ones I can remember offhand over at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9280358579). FD, can you speak to any specific assumptions you’ve made in modeling these EPs that could be significantly impacted if those assumptions are incorrect?

    (Didn’t mean to ask that with an accusing tone; I think you are extra-super-swell. Just want to be sure I’m clear on the assumptions behind those calculations.)

    • Sub 4pc is totally up in the air, there are a bunch of ways to read it but pretty much anything that has the proced ambush giving FW is going to be potent. I think thats the only one that will shift massively based on assumptions, a few others may shift a bit based on assumptions or modeling but nothing major.

  3. 2xT16 Build 17153:
    Assasination: 6 energy per stack (max 2 stacks after free Dispatch crit)
    Subtlety: 2 energy per stack (max 5 stacks)
    Combat: bonus is still not working

    • Opps. Looks like that was a strange bug on my test character. Just retested it on another one:
      Combat 2xT16: 15 energy per stack (I belive you can’t get more than 1)

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