Welcome to #ravenholdt

After months of looking jealously at Death Knights and their awesome IRC community #acherus we rogues have decided to stop lazing around and blatantly rip them off. #ravenholdt is the new rogue IRC community on quakenet. The goal of #ravenholdt is to create a place for the rogue community to chat, sometimes about class theory, sometimes about raiding, sometimes about nothing in particular. If you are some kind of old school gamer who has been hanging out in IRCs for years you can skip the rest of this post, if not some IRC basics.

What is IRC?
Wikipedia helpfully defines IRC as “a system that facilitates transfer of messages in the form of text.” That really is about all there is to it, IRC is an old technology for transferring messages over a network. Owing to its age IRC is pretty barebones but unless you want to do fancy stuff it is also pretty easy to use. IRC servers are organized into channels, separate groups of users who can communicate directly with each other. Channel names always start with a hash sign (#).

How do I join?
To join an IRC channel you need an IRC client, there are a wide variety of IRC clients out there for just about every platform. Since I’m just trying to cover basics I’m just going to talk about the quakenet web client.
From this accessing IRC is very simple, put in a name and #ravenholdt and you are set.

I’ve joined the channel, now what?
Chat, there isn’t that much to it. A couple useful commands:
/msg user message- sends a private message to another user.
/nick name- changes your current nickname

What is this “Log in to Q” button for?
You can register your user name with quakenet by following these directions.
Registering an account allows you to keep user settings between logins but it isn’t necessary to join or chat in #ravenholdt.

What does the “@” by some peoples names mean?
The @ symbol means that a person is a “channel operator,” basically a moderator for the channel. We don’t plan to need a lot of moderation but we’ve got some mods just in case.

There is a lot more to IRC than I’ve covered above but that should be enough to get started. Welcome to #ravenholdt.